In the past years more and more independent investigative teams are forming across Europe focussing on in-depth (often cross-border) investigations outside of the dynamics and hierarchies of legacy newsrooms. But this also means these investigation results don't necessarily have a default publication platform. Independent teams & smaller outlets often need partners to reach public attention. Legacy media partners have trusted names, a grown audience and great reach, offer financial compensation and legal protection - but also have an overshadowing effect on the ones actually delivering the research.

Questions to elaborate: what were the panelists' reasons to found an independent team in the first place? How to achieve a publication partnership with legacy media? What are good reasons for strong and renowned media partners - and what are the pros and cons about starting to become their "own publisher" (and what could be the right moment for this)?

The aim of this panel is to give journalists and media representatives an in-depth insight into what it means to "go independent", the struggles and added value this brings to the diversification of the European journalism scene.

Organised in association with Investigate Europe.