Exchanging perspectives across national and societal borders is vital to nurture understanding and diminish differences between people. Cross-border journalism plays an important role not just in bringing audiences together, but also journalists working in cross-border editorial teams. What does editorial collaboration look like in practice? How challenging are cross-border workflows? How difficult is it to identify topics relevant to different audiences? What are the opportunities of connecting different experiences and values?

Join in a discussion with professionals working on media projects bringing together staff from different countries and types of media organizations. Find out what every day cross-border collaboration looks like in practice and how these experiences could benefit your work in the international environment with a variety of stakeholders.

The European content creator network ENTR produces journalistic content with a European dimension on political, socio-economic, and cultural topics for a young target group. It covers stories on IG, YT, fb, Twitter and TikTok in Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, German, English, French, Dutch, and Portuguese. The pan-European editorial team coordinates daily across borders their coverage on topics that are interesting to a local audience and incorporate the European context. Moderated by Lukas Hansen.

Organised in association with Deutsche Welle.