In today's digital age, influencers have become important disseminators of news and wield significant influence in shaping public opinion. Recent studies, like the one conducted by the Reuters Institute and Pew Research Center, have revealed that many Gen Z news consumers rely on platforms and formats such as TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts for their information needs - and many of them get their information from 'news personalities', not media houses.

While traditional news outlets are losing trust, news influencers are gaining credibility. Despite the buzzword of news avoidance, these content creators manage to go viral with hard news - reaching the young target audience legacy media houses so desperately want to attract. We delve into WHY these news influencers are so much better at producing news content that young people can relate to - and what journalists can learn from them to better connect with their audience.

Because on the flip side, these social platforms have also become breeding grounds for disinformation and the global spread of fake news. This begs the question: Why are journalists still keeping their distance? What would the future of news look like if influencers solely managed it?

Our panel will explore these concerns and highlight what journalists can learn from these successful creators to ensure news reaches everyone.

Moderated by Fatu Ogwuche.