Over a million polling stations and 5 weeks of voting across 28 states, covering 1.4 billion people. With a highly active voting population, election coverage in India is considered the world's most complex exercise in real-time news reporting.

This panel looks at how leading Indian independent media are collaborating to produce accurate reporting on the parliamentary elections, from creating fact-checking hubs and regional/community-focused beats, to collectively producing real-time results of the polls and tracking the election promises of the contestants. Each media founder will present their experiences as a part of the coalition and the unique value their platform brings to the collaborative coverage. These media will also discuss new approaches to strengthening accountability journalism over the next 5-year term.

The News Minute is exploring civil liberties, caste and gender-focused reporting as an intersectional beat to cover marginalised communities that are under-reported by mainstream media. The Wire is covering health as a critical beat, to investigate whether generic medicine is being accounted for by health ministries, while collaborating with global outlets given the cross-border reach of Indian Big Pharma. The Scroll has been presenting solutions-focused climate coverage, such as eco-friendly practices by Indian farmers, and the need for government support to scale them. Report for the World is supporting issue-focused journalism in these newsrooms to help them cover the elections as a consistent, long-term beat.

Moderated by Preethi Nallu.