As the secrecy at multi-billion dollar Big AI companies becomes increasingly apparent, it also becomes more and more clear that true accountability is going to rely on insiders coming forward with information for the public good. Just like notoriously Facebook or Theranos, journalists will be on the front line, working with dedicated and brave individuals who risk everything to share information. Big AI permeates all industry and government – where the source sits may not be obvious. And the information the source provides may be far more technical (and nebulous) than even the most seasoned tech investigative journalist may be prepared to develop into a story.

This panel is intended as an interactive discussion with tech whistleblowers, tech reporter and those who support tech and AI whistleblowers on a daily basis.

Together, we will explore such topics as:

Who is the AI insider and what is their motivation for coming forward?

What could AI whistleblowers learn from tech whistleblowers like Tyler Shultz and Frances Haugen?

What threats do potential AI insiders face – and how can you, as their journalist contact, mitigate those risks?

What regulations and laws will protect you and your Big AI source?

What resources are out there to help journalists working with AI whistleblowers? What have attendees found to be helpful?

Organised in association with The Signals Network.