Tyler Shultz

whistleblower Theranos

Tyler Shultz is a scientist and startup founder fostering innovation in healthcare. He graduated from Stanford with a Biology degree and entered the national scene when he blew the whistle at Theranos. His efforts were recognized by Forbes when he was named to their “30 under 30” Health Care list, and his audible original was the #1 downloaded non-fiction title on Audible in its debut month. His story has been featured in the HBO documentary The Inventor, the book Bad Blood, and the Hulu series The Dropout. After leaving Theranos, Tyler co-founded two point-of-care diagnostics companies, and now works with diagnostics startups to raise money from VCs and family offices.

Theranos promised to revolutionize the healthcare industry, raised nearly $1B in funding, attained a $9B valuation, and assembled a high-powered board of directors of former secretaries of state, secretaries of defense, 4-star generals, and senators. Tyler was 22 years old, fresh out of college, and eager to join a company that was being touted as "the apple of healthcare." He quickly realized, however, that behind the facade of a charismatic founder, powerful board, high profile investors, and magazine cover stories, Theranos was built on lies. Tyler Shultz will be recounting his experiences as he navigated complex ethical, regulatory, legal, and personal dilemmas as he exposed one of the biggest corporate frauds since Enron. After Theranos, Tyler co-founded two diagnostics companies, and is an advisory board member to The Signals Network, which helps whistleblowers navigate complex legal, ethical, and personal journeys.

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