In an era where digital news audiences are shrinking and disinformation threatens the very fabric of information dissemination, journalists face a daunting challenge. Yet, out of this disruption, a new breed of news outlets is emerging as beacons of trust and innovation. Join us for an insightful panel featuring trailblazers in the field: Natalia Antelava, co-founder of the globally acclaimed Coda Story and the Zeg Storytelling Festival, and Evan Smith, co-founder of the groundbreaking Texas Tribune and senior advisor at the Emerson Collective. As traditional gatekeepers lose ground, discover how these visionaries have harnessed the power of live events to become trusted curators and communicators. Moderated by Mary Walter-Brown, founder of News Revenue Hub.

Key takeaways:

Innovative storytelling: explore how live journalism is breaking new ground, making and breaking news in real-time, and captivating audiences in a fragmented digital landscape.

Community connection: learn how these outlets are meeting the diverse information needs of local and global communities, redefining the role of journalism as a public service.

Sustainable revenue models: discover the untapped potential of live events as not only a journalistic tool but also a robust revenue stream. Gain insights into how these ventures are ensuring financial sustainability in a challenging media landscape.

Organised in association with News Revenue Hub.