2024 will bring more voters to the polls than ever in history, with elections planned in at least 64 countries, many of them in key global south countries with fragile information ecosystems. Technology, including the tide of AI disruption, brings tools that could radically change information flows and offer potential for manipulation at scale, targeting underrepresented groups and those who seek to provide accurate, trustworthy information. Such disruptions could further damage audience trust, subvert election results, sharpen divisions, and ultimately erode democracy. As journalists and civil society battle to address these risks, what strategies could be deployed to safeguard information ecosystems in the Global South?

This panel features prominent voices from Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, who are all at different stages of their electoral processes. It prioritises a diverse skillset and practical experiences to allow for cross-regional knowledge sharing. Moderated by Patricia Campos Mello.

Sponsored by Luminate.