In the second year of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, international and Ukrainian experts, as well as the entire media community, still perceive the media as a means to inform society about recovery, without realizing that within a year or two viable media will no longer exist and there will be no one to inform society on its real agenda. The damage to the Ukrainian media market from the war is not limited to destruction from missile strikes and occupation. Even in regions far from the frontline, or in thematic niches on a nationwide level, the media sector is at risk of turning into news deserts where all-Ukrainian journalism will be reduced to a continuous joint telethon.

In 2023, the NGO Lviv Media Forum initiated a study to identify and assess the donor market financing Ukrainian media, along with investigating the types of media entities most likely to secure funding from international donors. This research provides constructive and revealing insights into the reasons for such a tendency in the sector. Therefore, the purpose of the panel discussion is to advocate for considering the preservation and restoration of quality, viable Ukrainian media as an integral part of preserving and restoring Ukraine. Moderated by Zoya Krasovska.

Organised in association with Lviv Media Forum.