Aidan McGuire

co-founder ScraperWiki

Aidan McGuire is a long-time advocate of Open Standards and interoperability and has been involved in supporting projects around open source and open data for over 10 years. In 2009, Aidan and Dr Julian Todd created high-tech start-up ScraperWiki, which is a datahub for Open Data to flourish. Since its launch, thousands of developers have signed up to ScraperWiki and they are collaborating to liberate public data. Aidan has also hosted data journalism events around Europe and USA.

The data on ScraperWiki has been used by The Guardian, Channel 4, Texas Tribune, The Washington Post and many other publications in the UK and the US. In June 2011, ScraperWiki was awarded a Knight Foundation News Challenge prize. In 2012 Aidan helped ScraperWiki raise venture capital funding to further expand its activities.

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