Aleksandra Monkos

project manager Fact-Checking Academy Demagog Association

Aleksandra Monkos is a media and information literacy specialist. She is Project Manager at the Fact-Checking Academy of the Demagog Association in Poland. With expertise in combating disinformation, she focuses on media education and prebunking.

Aleksandra is an author of educational materials aimed at countering misinformation for teachers and academic lecturers. She leads fact-checking workshops for pupils, students, teachers, journalists and NGOs, and is a lecturer at Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU, Poznań, Poland). She holds a Ph.D. in political science and is a journalism graduate.

Before joining Demagog in March 2022, as a scholar at AMU she focused on providing applicable solutions for news literacy, digital activism, mis/disinformation, media/civil society development in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus. Aleksandra is author of the book Polish and Ukrainian NGOs in development cooperation with the media in Ukraine (2022) and articles that have appeared in international peer-reviewed academic journals (Europe-Asia Studies, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, among others).

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