Amir Issaa

rapper and author

Amir Issaa, rapper and record producer, was one of the founders of the historic Rome Zoo, a group which included some of the most important names in the Roman rap scene, such as Colle Der Fomento, Cor Veleno, Flaminio Maphia and Piotta. He made himself known in 1999 by participating in Colle der Fomento's Scienza doppia H, while in 2000 the first official album came out with the group Due Buoni Motivi. He now has 10 solo albums to his credit, the latest of which is Livin' proof. He contributes to associations that deal with human rights and social issues, such as Save The Children, Centro Astalli, Comunità S.Egidio (with whom he has created a music workshop in the Casal del Marmo juvenile penitentiary), and UNAR. He has received numerous awards, including Best Revelation Artist (2005) and Best Independent Album (2009), the Young Cinema Award (2012) and the 2022 Celebratory Medal at the Rome Capodarte Award. He is the author of Vivo per questo (2017) and Educazione rap (2021).

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