Anastasia Kirilenko


Anastasia Kirilenko is a young independent investigative reporter based in Moscow. Her most successful project looked into the alleged illicit activities of Vladimir Putin at St. Petersburg City Hall in the early nineties. Anastasia graduated in international relations (Novosibirsk University of Economics and Management) in 2006, and in journalism (French-Russian Master of Journalism at Moscow State University). In 2007 she studied journalism in Moscow and in Paris and in 2008 she worked at the Human Rights Center ‘Memorial’. Her 2010-2012 Putin investigation was considered one of the best achievements of the Radio Liberty Russian Service in recent years. In December 2012 Kirilenko left Radio Liberty in solidarity with her colleagues, victims of the mass firings ordered by the station’s American management. Her articles covering Russian espionage and corruption have also appeared in the media in Canada, Switzerland, UK.

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