Anna Holligan

foreign correspondent BBC

BBC foreign correspondent Anna Holligan is based in The Hague.

She's been involved in covering some of the biggest breaking news stories across Europe. Anna was the first western TV journalist to meet the refugees arriving on the Greek island of Kos. She reported on terror attacks in France, Belgium and Finland for the BBC's main TV, radio and digital platforms.

Anna recently guest presented BBC Radio 4's World Tonight programme. And is preparing to travel to the Balkans to record a documentary about surviving the genocide.

Her fledgling career took off with an award winning documentary about teenage gun gangs in Birmingham. Today she's mostly focusing on mobile journalism, international justice and Brexit, while filming the occasional feature about those quintessential, unavoidable Dutch cliches - cycling, tulips and windmills.

Anna's currently practicing juggling a new role of full-time mother with her life as a foreign correspondent.

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