Antonio Mauro

National Security Observatory

Antonio Mauro is an active and permanent member of the Italian National Security Observatory and a member at the New York/New Jersey Electronic Crimes Task Force. He has developed research projects and prototypes of very innovative technologies in the field of crypto communications for government use in security and forensic investigations. He currently has an important pending patent for forensic investigations in IoT devices. His technological skills include Information Security Standard and International Guidelines/Best Practices. Antonio is also a member of the Scientific Committee for the UNI 11506 as a certifier and examiner.

He is a adjunct professor in a number of Italian universities and government institutions and serves on the Academic Board of Northwestern University in Illinois. Antonio has co-authored several books on Information Security and Intelligence, Computer Forensics, Digital Investigations. He holds a PhD in Electronic Communications and Cybercrime Security Governance with a focus on Cloud Computing.

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Events in past editions
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