drag artists and LGBTQIA+ activists

The Karma B are two drag artists, known since the late '90s for their performances in international clubs, theater, comedy films, music videos, and TV. They are ambassadors of the LGBTQIA+ Italian community worldwide. In recent years, they have gained television popularity as judges in two editions of "All together now" (Canale 5) and subsequently established themselves as a constant presence on "Propaganda live" (LA7), before landing on Rai 1 with shows like "Italia sì," "Da noi a ruota libera," "Canzone Segreta," and the most recent experience of "Ciao maschio."

After a particularly successful television season, in January 2024, the Karma B return to the theater with a new show: "MaschiE. Quello che gli uomini non dicono" ("Males. What men don't say"), a performance that explores male sensitivity in light of the new social awareness regarding patriarchal and toxic masculinity issues.

When asked "What are drag queens?" they respond that "they are mythical creatures, half human and half Raffaella Carrà."

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