Cindy Regalado

Cindy Regalado works with members of the public through a London-based group engaging in diverse ways that expand our horizons, practically, experientially, and philosophically. This is done through activities that fuse and extend the arts and sciences into the transactions of everyday life. Many of these activities are directly linked to her role as community organiser for Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science.

She is a doctoral candidate in the Extreme Citizen Science research group ExCiteS with Prof Muki Haklay at UCL Engineering and a researcher of the EU FP7 project "Citizen Cyberlab: Technology Enhanced Creative Learning in the field of Citizen Cyberscience". Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) concerns one end of the citizen science spectrum: 'collaborative science', in which the public is engaged at every step of the research project process - from problem definition and data collection, to analysis and choosing how the results will be used and where professional experts' role is that of facilitators. While appreciating the other end of the spectrum in volunteered computing and passive citizen sensing to science, their interest is in active participation. This approach is being developed and practiced in ExCiteS working alongside communities to facilitate the development of tools and methodologies that can help communities address issues of value and concern to them, regardless of their background and level of literacy.

All of her work (with the public, UCL, and the EU project) converges with the goal of creating spaces (communicatively, physically, emotionally, intellectually, cybernetically) that incite reflection, exploration, and challenging ourselves and our relationships with the world around us. She focuses on the stratum of Citizen Science where people initiate their own investigations and explorations (the more extreme end of 'collaborative science'), and works with communities and through Citizens without Borders to create playspaces for reflection and engagement, as well as tools for exploration. She has 7 years of experience as a community radio host in CFRU 93.3FM 2001-2008 and programme coordinator atOPIRG 2006-2008.

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