Claudio Arrigoni

Gazzetta dello Sport

Claudio Arrigoni writes for the Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport and contributes to other news organisations including Corriere della Sera and RAI. He has followed seven editions of the summer Paralympic Games (from Barcelona in 1992 to Rio de Janeiro in 2016) and four editions of the winter  version (Lillehammer in 1994 to Sochi in 2014). He has worked for ANSA, Sky and Mediaset. He was Director of Tele+, SkySport, GiocoCalcio Journal and TV, and currently edits the specialist publications DM and Notizielo. He was communications consultant to the organizing committee of the Paralympic Winter Games in Turin. In 2001 he won the CONI-USSI Prize for the design of the Sporthandicap programme on Tele+. He is the author of Paralimpici (2006).

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