Emily Kasriel

Crossing Divides BBC

Emily Kasriel is an experienced media executive who has led a range of high-profile projects for the BBC, such as the BBC’s Crossing Divides season, focussing on stories about bringing people together across lines of politics, class, background, age and geography. She has trained 200 people on deep listening at the BBC 5 Live Crossing Divides Festival and 150 young Lebanese citizens in a partnership between the BBC World Service and the British Council. She has also researched deep listening as a practitioner in residence at the Marshall Institute at the London School of Economics and written about it for the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

In her award-winning BBC career, Emily previously founded, edited and occasionally presented The Forum, the flagship weekly interdisciplinary radio discussion show, after running the Arts and Religion departments of the BBC World Service, and has reported and produced for the BBC across five continents. Emily is also an Executive Coach and serves on the board of The Wingate Foundation. She was previously a Senior Adviser to the Skoll Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and a Visiting Fellow at Said Business School at the University of Oxford. She has written for a number of major publications and chaired a wide range of panels, events and interviews around the world.

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