Federico Faloppa

University of Reading

Federico Faloppa is professor of Italian Studies and Linguistics at the University of Reading. For twenty years his research has revolved around the construction of diversity in European languages, the media representation of minorities, the production and circulation of racist and discriminating discourse in Italy. He has always combined his work as a teacher and researcher with that of popularizer and consultant for associations and non-governmental organizations, and is currently a contributor to Amnesty International Italy for hate speech and a member of the Committee of Experts on Combating Hate Speech of the Council of Europe.

His books include Lessico e alterità. La formulazione del diverso (2000), Parole contro. La rappresentazione del diverso nella lingua italiana e nei dialetti (2004), Razzisti a parole (2011), Brevi lezioni sul linguaggio (2019) and #Odio. Manuale di resistenza alla violenza delle parole (2020).

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