Filipe Vieira

head of PM Business Unit Austria & Hungary Angelini Pharma

Filipe Vieira joined Angelini Pharma in 2014 and has been putting his heart into the company, its patients, and its clients since then. He is currently Head of PM Business Unit for Austria and Hungary. Portuguese, born in Porto with a background in Pharmaceutical Sciences, he started working in Pharmacy Sales and Training where he understood how critical it is to have people at the center. Later, he focused on Project Management & Innovation, where he found a way to merge creativity with Digital, one of his main passions, which triggered the next steps. Along the way, he embarked on an international accelerator program (Angelini Future Leaders) through Digital UX in Fater (an Angelini joint venture with P&G), Global Digital Medicines, where he supported the launch of several global services. Later, he landed in Vienna to perform as Head of Business Excellence for Austria, Hungary & Switzerland and is recently in the new role of Business Unit to keep supporting the teams and the new challenges.

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