Francesca Coin

Lancaster University

Francesca Coin is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Lancaster University. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology from Georgia State University (2007). She is the PI of the research project The nature of money and its social perception in times of crisis funded by the Center for the Humanities and Social Change (2018-2021).

Francesca's current work focuses on the eugenic regimes that underpin the intellectual history of neoliberalism and on their role in shaping sexual and racial hierarchies in our society. Her overarching idea is that the intellectual premises of racial supremacy that shape the development of the world order lie on an idea of otherness entrenched in inequality that has influenced the evolution of political economy and the current crisis of neoliberalism. Through these theoretical lenses and interests, Francesca is currently studying the social and economic crises that have chronicled the past four decades, from the New York fiscal crisis of 1975 to today's Coronavirus crisis. Over the years, she has examined the evolution of precarious, unpaid, agricultural and digital labor and the social conflicts that characterize them.

She has published approximately fifty journal articles and chapters on the intersectional dimensions of inequality in the neoliberal turn. Her most recent book is Keep the union at bay. The racial dimensions of anti-union practices in U.S. agriculture and the long fight for migrant farm labor representation (2018). In Francesca's courses, students learn about the events and processes that shape the capitalist economy while keeping an eye on the counter-narratives and the movements of resistance that chronicle our recent history.

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