Gabriele Zanoni

web security expert

Gabriele Zanoni is a hacker and expert in Incident Response and Advanced Persistent Threats. He currently works for an American cyber security company. He has managed cyber incidents for several customers across EMEA, he has also designed IT architectures and managed the deployment of cyber security products. Previously he managed and provided ethical hacking services for an Italian cyber security company. During these years he has worked for many private companies, mainly in the financial and energy sector, and for government organizations as well. He did a lot of research on many security issues with a special focus on Anti-Computer Forensics and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

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Events in past editions
#IJF13 / 27 april 2013

Open source intelligence

One of the most frequent activities of a journalist these days is the search for information on the web. The correlation of digital identities and traces of online users often cannot be performed ma...