Geertje Algera

founder Geertje Algera Media

Geertje Algera is the owner of Geertje Algera Media, a training consultancy aimed at empowering people and organisations to tell stories with their smartphone. She says a smartphone is a powerful storytelling tool, and that anybody can learn these skills: “Using a smartphone to make videos can make all the difference, and bring the stories that matter to life.” Geertje was a senior video journalist with the Dutch public TV broadcaster KRO-NCRV for many years. She worked around the world as a reporter, specialising in human interest stories. In 2014, she recognised the potential of smartphones to gather stories that might otherwise go untold - the stories of vulnerable communities - migrants, children and teenagers, the LGTBI community, people of faith, and people with disabilities. Geertje was the first smartphone journalist to make reports for Dutch National Television (NPO2). She is a regular guest lecturer at Utrecht School of Journalism. You can watch some of her work here.

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