Giuseppe Legato

La Stampa

Giuseppe Legato is a journalist of the Italian daily La Stampa. Since 2011, he has reported on the main Antimafia investigations and trials on the 'Ndrangheta in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. He has authored two short documentaries for the La Stampa's website. The first, Aspro(Pie)monte, analyses the 'Ndrangheta infiltration in Piedmont, the second, Gli Uomini d’oro di Biancaneve, is a reportage on some of the major cocaine brokers linked to the Calabrian cartels. Giuseppe has been a member of the investigative journalism centre Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) since 2016, and has contributed with Giulio Rubino, Cecilia Anesi and Juan Carlos Lezcano (ABC) to the transnational investigation on the drug broker Nicola Assisi. Giuseppe has reported for Panorama and collaborates also with Narcomafie and Malitalia.

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