Hanin Majadli

editor Arabic edition Haaretz

Hanin Majadli, a Palestinian Israeli citizen, is journalist, publicist and editor at Haaretz. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Middle-Eastern Studies and Arabic and Islamic Studies from Tel Aviv University. In her work as an opinion columnist in Haaretz she focuses on and engaging with the Arab-Palestinians communities in Israel, the delicate, fragile fabric relations between them and state and its Jewish citizens, the tense atmosphere that surrounds these relations, And their civil status, with particular attention to the history of their collective Nakba story which is deliberately hidden and ignored from the social and political history of Israel. In her work as Haaretz Arabic edition’s editor, she aims to expand the exposure of alternative Israeli voices and their journalistic work that is unusual and different from the Israeli mainstream.

Prior to her work at the Haaretz, Majadli engaged in teaching the Arabic language and culture as she was the founder of one of the popular spoken Arabic schools in Tel Aviv. In addition, she was vocal and politically active about the political and social issues and challenges Palestinian society in Israel faces and deals with. And also she was guest-writer for various Israeli newspapers and platforms.

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