Ides Debruyne

managing director

Ides Debruyne is co-founder and managing director of (formally known as the Belgian Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism) and the Dutch-Flemish Association of Investigative Journalists. Debruyne is co-organizer of the European Investigative Journalism Conference (Dataharvest) and one of the originators of the cross-border journalism course International Research Journalism (Belgium-The Netherlands). also manages the Freedom of Expression Grant which provides funds for journalists investigating and documenting breaches of freedom of expression in European countries.

In 2013 he and his colleague Brigitte Alfter won the Prize for the Freedom and Future of Media. He is the founder of the Belgian non-profit organisation Scriptie vzw (which promotes science communication), organising The Flemish dissertation award, The Flemish PhD Cup and The Flemish dissertation database.

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