Jason Lambert

senior director media business Internews

Jason Lambert is Senior Director of Media Business at Internews, which focuses on improving the business performance of media. He also leads Ads for News, which promotes increased digital advertising spend towards trusted, local news media, in collaboration with partners such as GroupM and the World Economic Forum.

He co-founded specialist consulting firm Newsgain in 2017, has managed the Digital division of the UK and Ireland's national news agency, run a marketing agency, created an advertising representation business for independent news media, and consulted with and trained news media in more than 30 countries in digital and business development. His 2021 paper, Simplifying Success, proposed a framework for sectoral collaboration towards better understanding how media in freedom-restricted markets could become more financially sustainable.

Jason holds an MBA (Master in Management of Technology) from the Technical University of Denmark and a diploma in Innovation Leadership from UC Berkeley.

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