Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins

executive director European Press Prize

Jennifer Athanasiou-Prins is the Executive Director of the European Press Prize, a nonprofit foundation that annually awards the best of European journalism. The European Press Prize celebrates and encourages European journalism of the highest quality to help counter the effects of a transforming, pressured market and fragile press freedom - and to stimulate journalists to keep contributing to the quality of European journalism. Additionally, the European Press Prize focusses on offering journalists a source of legitimacy in a time where trust in journalism is declining.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Laws degree with honours as well as a Master of Laws degree in Dutch civil law from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Jennifer specialises in organisational and business development, community building and building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders. Given her legal background, she values governance and equity highly. Due to her bi-cultural background, Jennifer is an advocate of pursuing cultural sensitivity, especially in European and international collaborations.

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