Jesper Doub

media advisor

Jesper Doub was the Director of International News Partnerships at Meta until September 2023.

Prior to joining Facebook, Jesper served as CEO, SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL TV, as well as publishing director of SPIEGEL-Verlag, where he oversaw the introduction of paid content offering SPIEGEL plus, while growing SPIEGEL ONLINE to its largest ever audience and revenue. Before joining SPIEGEL, he was CIO of the media group M. DuMont Schauberg and Managing Director of DuMont Systems, and has also held senior positions at the Bauer Media Group, and Axel Springer Verlag. Jesper studied industrial engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology.

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#IJF20 / 2 april 2020

What’s new with Facebook

Jesper Doub will discuss what Facebook has been working on over the past year to support the news industry in Europe, and what new Facebook will focus on in 2020. Event sponsored by Facebook.