John Sweeney

journalist and author

John Sweeney is an old school investigative reporter with a long track record of telling truth to power. In 2013 he challenged Donald Trump over his links with Russian-born mobster Felix Sater. Trump stood up, made noises about an imaginary meeting he had to attend and offered his hand. Sweeney declined the handshake and asked: “one last question, why did you buy concrete from Fat Tony Salerno?” A year later he was in a mammoth museum in Siberia when Vladimir Putin walked in. Sweeney stopped Putin and asked him about “the killings in Ukraine” – the shootdown of MH17. His BBC Panorama documentaries on the Church of Scientology and North Korea Undercover got 15 million views. He left the BBC after 17 years because it failed to broadcast his documentary on Tommy Robinson, a neo-Nazi sympathiser. He has written ten books, the latest an investigation (co-authored with Carlo Bonini and Manuel Delia) into the 2017 assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia entitled Murder On The Malta Express. Who Killed Daphne Caruana Galizia? (2019).
His BBC Newsnight documentary report Malta's Shame?, in which he followed up Daphne's investigations into money-laundering on the island, was broadcast in 2018 and included an interview with the island's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

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