Joscha Weber

head of fact-checking Deutsche Welle

Joscha Weber is the head of DW Fact-checking and founded the team in 2020. He checks controversial statements or claims, verifies internet content based on a transparent, comprehensible research process - and tries to separate facts from fiction.

Using all forms of digital research, verification tools and methods of forensic analysis, Joscha endeavors to expose manipulation and deception. He researches and writes about how to combat disinformation. Together with his team he produces DW Fact Check, a format for social media and TV. Recently he has been particularly focused on debunking fake and misleading information from conflict areas. Joscha Weber is also a media trainer for fact-checking and digital research techniques.

In addition, Joscha Weber is the head of the Content hub of DW and works as a breaking news reporter for TV and digital platforms. Previously, he worked as a freelance journalist for WDR and dpa, among others, while studying communication, politics and history in Germany and France. After a traineeship at DW, Joscha Weber started as a sports editor and headed the digital unit of DW's sports department for eight years. Since 2020 he is fully committed to the fight against disinformation.

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