Laith Mushtaq

executive manager Flair Media Consultancy

Laith Mushtaq is Executive Manager and Media Trainer of the Flair Media Consultancy based in Istanbul.

He was born in Baghdad in 1970. He studied history and then started working as a battle cameraman during his military service in Iraq. In 2003 he started his career in Al Jazeera during the American invasion of Iraq where he covered the first battle of Faluja. In 2004 he was sent by Al Jazeera to Afghanistan for six months. Between 2005 and 2009 he worked as a senior photographer and filmmaker in Africa, Chad, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, Darfour and the Great Desert in Mauritania. He covered the Egyptian revolution and the battles in the western mountains of Libya. He worked on news and feature coverage, as a cameraman and field producer, in Sierra Leone in 2013 and Namibia in 2014. During his career in Al Jazeera Laith was exposed to execution and physical violence. He is active in giving lectures around the world, and has contributed to a variety of publications on the subject of media coverage of war.

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