Laura Garcia

First Draft

Laura Garcia’s heads First Draft’s training and education across newsrooms and journalism schools. Her work as a multimedia journalist started back in her home, Mexico, as a photographer for a newspaper. She also worked for newspapers and film production companies in the US before coming to the UK in September 2011. Laura has worked in different newsrooms across the UK: ITV Meridian, BBC South East, BBC Radio Kent, NBC News, R4’s The World Tonight and Channel 5 News. Previously she worked as a Lecturer in Television and Multimedia Journalism at the University of Kent, and produced a politics show for KMTV. She is passionate about access into journalism and diversifying the media and is the co-founder of PressPad and the UK chapter of AMMPE World . Laura also works as the London correspondent for Bloomberg Mexico and Estrella TV in Los Angeles.

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#IJF20 / 3 april 2020

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