Luna Safwan

freelance journalist

Luna Safwan is a Lebanese freelance journalist and communication trainer. She has previously worked as a reporter and editor for several pan-Arab news outlets. She is currently a freelance writer with Raseef 22 and VICE Arabia. Her past stories include covering Internet freedoms & digital rights, the Arab Spring, ISIS & the refugee crisis between Lebanon and Turkey with a special focus on women. She is also an alumni of the Coalition For Women In Journalism.

Her past projects include an award winning documentary and short audiovisual reports, her documentary about the Syrian Refugees on the Lebanese Syrian borders won the Samir Kassir Award for the Freedom of Press in 2013. Other projects from Lebanon include audiovisual stories about the Palestinian camps in Beirut. For almost 3 years, she served as a Reporter on weekly basis for hazardous zones and refugeeā€™s camps in Lebanon while working with NOW Lebanon. In 2016, Luna was awarded a Leadership fellowship from the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, in 2018 she was chosen to represent Lebanon in MFA Finland's foreign correspondents exchange program, and in 2019 she represented Lebanon as Visiting Journalist in Austria. Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, she now works between Beirut and Turkey.

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