Mara Parisi

co-founder Scuoletta Montessori

Mara Parisi, mother of four children from 3 to 17 years old, and with a degree in kinesiology, is an expert in constitutionalism and Western macrobiotic nutrition. She has collaborated  in the Piedmont area with pediatricians for several years. Her "health project" is strongly supported by his partner Manuel Verducci, a graduate in physical education, physiotherapy and a graduate in osteopathy, specialized in pediatric and cranio-cervico-mandibular dysfunctions.

Thanks to strong observation skills and their clinical experience, they are increasingly aware of the importance of the environmental context as a predisposition to psycho-emotional, metabolic-biochemical and physical suffering, hypothesizing that most of the problems in today's adults date back to sufferings experienced in the age of development in the family and school. Finding affinity with the philosophy of the Montessori method and the pedagogical approaches of the past century, they founded the Scuoletta Montessori, a philanthropic project to offer a pedagogical training for children from 3 to 14 years old.

The goal is to help children develop their natural predispositions to self-management and self-discipline and, moreover, sharpen their ability to learn spontaneously and express their curiosity for the world around them; outdoor education offers an alternative and avant-garde way to fix oneself through the perception of the outside world and the direct experience of it, notions, information and data in a natural way.

The project involves collaboration with local social services and health specialists to support the development of children with special educational needs in a multidisciplinary perspective.

To support the growth process even within the home, Mara supports families through parenting conferences and meetings.

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