Marco Affronte

member European Parliament

Marco Affronte was born in Rimini, where he still lives with his family, in 1965. He obtained a degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Bologna in 1992.

After five years of working different jobs, in 1997 he started working for the Cetacean Foundation (a pro-cetacean-welfare NGO in Rimini), filling the position of its Chief Scientific Director from 1999 until 2011; he dealt with academic research, conservation projects, education, awareness-raising on environmental issues and with the recovery of injured or endangered animal species.

In 2004, authorities from the Province of Rimini appointed him Scientific Director of the three-yearly Adria-Watch international project. Affronte has been a CERT member, that is, of the Cetacean stranding Emergency Response Team, which the Italian Environment Ministry established at the University of Padova.

During the European elections in May 2014, he was elected as a Member of the European Parliament with 18.451 votes. He is a member of the Health and Environment Committee as well as of the Committee on Fisheries. He mainly deals with issues such as climate change (he took part in COP21, COP22 and COP23), phytosanitary products (crop protection products), GMOs, incineration plants, protection of the seas and promotion of sustainable fishing.

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