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The artistic production of Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, includes many musical fields - songs, film and theatrical soundtracks, direction of an opera, an audio book consisting of a continuous stream of over five hours of music and words. He founded Bluvertigo, with whom he created the so-called "chemical trilogy" composed of the albums Acidi e Basi (1995), Metallo e non metallo (1997) and Zero (1999), winning an MTV Music Award and the Prix Leonardo. As a soloist he has released two albums of unpublished Canzoni dell’appartamento (2003), winner of the Tenco Prize, the Biddeci Prize and the Lunezia Prize, and Non al soldi, non all'amore né al cielo (2005) winner of a second Tenco Prize and a De André Award. For television he has contributed to various broadcasts, in particular as a judge of the talent shows X-factor, Amici and The voice, entering the Guinness Book of Records as the winning judge of the highest number of editions.

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