Mariano Blejman

founder and director Media Party

Mariano Blejman runs media innovation programs across Latin America and is currently heavily involved in Taringa! He launched the Media Factory news accelerator and founded the data journalism accelerator program which has helped investment in Latin American projects. He is also helping in the growth of the Hacks/Hackers Latin American network. He has mentored and worked as a project manager in several media organizations and has been a consultant on growing traffic and exploring best digital practices.

Mariano is the co-founder of Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires, the largest chapter in the world. He founded Media Party, the biggest mediathon in Latin America. He has been a Data-J entrepreneur working on natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, semantic and social network analysis, and visualization platforms to track relationships.

He was a Knight International Fellow at the International Center for Journalists from 2013 to 2016.

Mariano is the former editor-in-chief of NO, a weekly section within Página/12, a leading newspapers in Buenos Aires. Since its foundation in 1992, NO has become one of the most influential youth culture medias in all of Argentina. He founded the Digital Culture section, dedicated to the internet, software, hardware, new technologies, etc. Also, he has published more than 1700 articles in Página/12 on a variety of subjects ranging from popular and youth culture to technology, entertainment, politics, the economy, current affairs and Sunday magazines. As editor-in-chief of NO he managed the sponsorship of some of the most important rock festivals in Argentina and oversaw the creation of contests, marketing materials and special publications for such events. The covers of NO, created alongside Juan Pablo Cambariere, have become a signature of Página /12. They have received several design awards.

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