Marisandra Lizzi

founder Mirandola Comunicazione

Marisandra Lizzi was born in 1968 in Turin. She experienced from an early age the fantastic adrenaline but also the contradictions of the student protest in a city that stood as the symbol of industrialization but also as the birthplace of cultural realities such as the Book Fair and the Holden School, which have always attracted and fascinated her - she became a sort of "follower," long before the term was invented. These contrasting aspects remained in her DNA until her university years: instead of following the natural course of things, which would have entailed building a career in her mother's accounting firm, she decided to drop everything to pursue the freedom promised by the Internet. Since the mid-1990s, her communication activities have been focusing on the Internet: first, as she worked for a large public relations agency in 1998; then as Head of Communications for a consulting firm, and finally, since 2002, as the co-founder - together with her partner - of an art and communications center in an agricultural farm in the hills right before the Emilia Apennines. The center later became Mirandola Comunicazione, a press agency. In 2010, she founded iPress, a platform through which she shares digital tools to make life easier and simpler for herself and her journalist and communicator colleagues. She collaborates with various training organizations including the Business School of Sole 24 ORE, the Communications Academy and the Master's degree course in Communications and Marketing at the University of Siena. From 2016 to the end of 2017 she was in Rome as part of the Digital Transformation Team, with the dream of bringing the Internet into the public administration; at the beginning of 2018 she returned to her hill, where she is planning to work on bringing everything she has learned to her platform, so she may share it with public and private communicators. She only has one mission, and it's always the same: to demonstrate that the Internet can be a fundamental ally in making our life and profession easier. What matters is to never lose sight of the human-centric approach. With this spirit of constant research, she has welcomed enthusiastically the mission of Meet the Media Guru, which, in collaboration with the Cariplo Foundation, recently launched the first international center for digital culture.

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