Mark Boas

media technologist

Mark Boas is a Media Technologist working with leading news organisations to make web-based audio and video more accessible. Specialising in the application of transcription technology, he is co-founder of The Hyperaudio Project and Trint Ltd where he held the position of Product Manager and CTO. An 2012 Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow with Al Jazeera English, Mark has worked with organisations such as the BBC, CBC, WNYC and WFMT on projects as diverse as Palestine Remix, Subtitalizer and the Studs Terkel Radio Archive. As part of Bad Idea Factory, he’s working on projects to fight misinformation such as Knight Foundation funded The Glorious Contextubot and Open Source Video Annotation system Montage in collaboration with Meedan.

In a previous life Mark co-created the popular open source web media library jPlayer. For the last two years he has helped wrangle the Decentralisation Space at the Mozilla Festival.

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