Meera Eilabouni

Women Wage Peace

Meera Eilabouni, 24 years old from the village of Eilaboun in northern Israel, has been a peace activist from a young age. She started by making Youtube videos for youth encouraging self-development and trust, then began to study photography in order to carry this forward. However, life took her on a different path; music. She participated in a peace academy in Israel, and also in Erasmus projects in Europe such as "Make music not war".

Meera was part of the Women Wage Peace march of hope, which she opened with a concert. She sang daily while walking with them, and closed it in Jerusalem with music as well. She then became a member of the movement.

Meera is an artist who believes that art creates the future. She is a member of two multi-cultural bands whose songs deal with women’s empowerment and unity, in addition to love, peace and prayer. One of the bands is called Three Women Three Mother Tongues (the three mother tongues are Arabic, Hebrew and English).

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