Nino Robakidze

country director IREX Georgia

With more than 15 years of experience in journalism, media management, research and advocacy, civic activism, and project management, Nino Robakidze now manages the Europe Center of IREX SAFE Initiative in parallel being Country Director for IREX Georgia. Nino works with the IREX global team and partners around the world to develop and foster solidarity and partnership between journalists and civil society for building strong, collegial, and lasting relationships for a more safe and free media environment in Georgia and wider Eurasia region.

Prior to joining IREX, Nino managed media programs at Transparency International – Georgia working on comprehensive research and advocacy initiatives focusing on civil society and media, freedom of expression and vibrant information ecosystems. Nino is an alumna of several international educational and leadership programs, holds master’s degree in Journalism and Media Management and teaches Freedom of Expression Theory and History at Caucasus University for more than ten years.

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