Oscar Camps

founder and director Open Arms

Oscar Camps Gausachs is from Barcelona and has been an entrepreneur in the maritime environment for over 25 years. One of his companies, Proactiva Serveis Aquàtics SL, is dedicated to lifeguard and rescue operations in many Spanish beaches and swimming pools, which in peak season employs up to 600 people. After seeing the photos of children drowned in the Aegean Sea in September 2015 he decided to go into action. When he realized there was absolutely no help for refugees, both in their journey across the sea in precarious conditions and when they finally reached the shore, he established himself in Lesvos with a group of volunteers in order to save as many people as possible. He worked there for several months creating and establishing the NGO Open Arms, becoming its director and principal founder. After the agreement signed by the EU and Turkey in March 2016, he decided to open a new mission in de Central Mediterranean, the deadliest migrant route that exists nowadays. Since the foundation of the NGO, he and his crew of professional volunteers have rescued over 60.000 people.

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