Per Grankvist

founder and editor-in-chief Vad Vi Vet

Per Grankvist is the founder and editor-in-chief for Vad Vi Vet, a modern media company pioneering explanatory journalism in Scandinavia, primarily across digital and social channels. With the pledge to publish "no opinions, no speculations, only what we know", Vad Vi Vet has quickly gained a large audience attracted to the focus on facts, which is also embodied in the brand which means "what we know" in Swedish. As people turn to social media for news, Vad Vi Vet offers explanations that separate signals from the noise. During the first weeks of the war in Ukraine, Vad Vi Vet gained more followers than any other media brand in Sweden.

In 2021, Grankvist was nominated for the "Journalist of the year"-award in Sweden for his work and for increasing trust in journalism. Prior to founding Vad Vi Vet, he was a regular contributor to the newspapers Sydsvenskan and Svenska Dagbladet. For many years he appeared on the morning show on the public broadcaster SVT to explain some of the biggest topics of the week, where he also made a name for himself as someone with a talent for explaining complex matters. He's also a Responsible Leader Fellow for BMW Foundation.

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