Redouane Ramdani

co-founder and CEO Snipfeed

Redouane Ramdani is a digital media entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Snipfeed. Founded at UC Berkeley, Snipfeed is an AI-powered mobile content discovery platform for the Gen Z population. Their recommendation system searchlessly proposes valuable, social, personalized content to users (news, short videos, podcasts...). Snipfeed's technology also allows media to acquire, retain and monetize their audience at scale on mobile without the sunk costs usually associated with app & content development. The company aims to offer new business models opportunities and innovative ways to engage with audiences on mobile. After launching their first product on several messaging apps last summer, Snipfeed currently reaches hundreds of thousands on a weekly basis mostly in the US. Redouane is passionate about how technology can change storytelling and help journalism. Born and raised in France, he created his first online collaborative magazine while he was in college in Paris, he also taught philosophy at Lille University for two years.

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