Ricardo Avila

editor-in-chief Portafoglio

Ricardo Avila is the Editor-in-Chief of the Colombian business daily Portafolio. An economist from the Javeriana University (Bogotá, Colombia) with a Masters in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh (USA), he currently holds the position of both Editor-in-Chief of Portafolio and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of El Tiempo, the most widely-read and influential daily in Colombia. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of El Tiempo.

A Simón Bolívar award winner, Ricardo Avila has held various positions in the public sector such as Economic Advisor and Private Secretary to the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, Deputy Minister of International Economic Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs during the government of César Gaviria (1990-1994), as well as other important positions. He was the Head of Cabinet for the Organization of American States in Washington, General Secretary and Consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Andean Development Corporation.

Portafolio is a business daily published from Monday to Friday which also runs a weekend edition. It was founded in 1995 and has a daily circulation of about 45.000 copies. Casa Editorial El Tiempo is the publishing company. Portafolio is one of the leading Colombian media outlets on economics, business, finance and management issues. In 2000 it was fully re-designed, receiving the international award for design “Society for News Design”. In addition to the print daily, Portafolio publishes a bi-monthly magazine and a version of its newspaper for mobile devices. It also runs Portafolio Tv (through the channel ET).

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