Robin Good

online publisher and new media explorer

Robin Good is an independent online publisher (, an avid tester and promoter of new tools (T5 - and entrepreneur (POP Campus), focusing on new and effective uses of new media technologies for journalism, collaboration, marketing and learning.

Robin’s web presence started in 1998 and since 2004 he has been able to live off exclusively from his online revenues. He has been the first small publisher from Europe to invoice over one million dollars to Google. His work is cited in over 100 books, and over 35,000 individuals follow his daily sharing and curation work. He is also the founder of an online campus devoted specifically to support the development of non-funded, information-based, sustainable projects led by non-technical people.

Prior to his Internet career, Robin worked extensively with large NGOs and non-profit organizations such as the World Bank, the UN, FAO and the World Food Program both as a digital publishing consultant as well as a trainer specializing in new learning and marketing opportunities offered by new media technologies. He has also held positions as TV on-air promotion producer, news information designer and video director for television ads and opening titles for RAI, Canale 5, Retequattro and Italia 1 channels, as well as one of Art Director in curating the corporate design and marketing communications strategies for many international brands and advertising agencies. He graduated from San Francisco State University in 1982 with a BFA in Experimental and Interdisciplinary Arts.

Presently, a good chunk of Robin’s work focuses on experimenting, monitoring and reporting the rapid growth of content curation, its relevance and potential, especially in the context of journalism, search and independent publishing new alternative business models. To this end he curates multiple thematic news channels and tool collections supporting the specific information needs of small independent publishers interested in creating value through niche, sustainable online services.

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