Silvia Semenzin

digital sociologist

Post-doctoral researcher in Digital Sociology at the University Complutense of Madrid (Faculty of Computer Science), Silvia Semenzin obtained a joint PhD degree in Digital Sociology from the University of Milan and the University of Turin (NASP). Previously, she worked as a postdoc at P2P Models (UCM) and as a Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

Semenzin's passion lies at the intersection of emerging technologies and humanity. She is an expert in technologically-mediated social discrimination, with a particular focus on online gender-based violence. She has also conducted research on sociotechnical imaginaries, digital rights, and data justice.

Silvia Semenzin is deeply engaged in global tech policy. At the end of 2018, she became the promoter of the Italian campaign #intimitàviolata, which successfully led to the approval of a law reform, i.e., art. 612-ter in the 'Codice Rosso' law of 17/07/19, criminalizing the non-consensual sharing of intimate images (IBSA) in Italy.

Semenzin collaborates with NGOs, institutions, and associations to disseminate her research. Additionally, she organizes classes and seminars at schools to teach positive and inclusive information about 'sexuality+' and the digital society, in collaboration with her associations Virgin & Martyr and Cyber Rights Organization.

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