Solomon Elliott

founder The Student View

In 2014, Solomon Elliott thought the best way to empower his secondary school pupils was to train them as journalists. Since the launch of The Student View (TSV) in 2016, the charity has created 70 newsrooms in schools across England and now recruits more than 80 journalists as volunteers from organisations including the Financial Times, The Guardian and the BBC. TSV mentors work with pupils to create news content for young people. During their time on the programme, pupils take part in media literacy workshops covering topics such as spotting misinformation, discerning the differences between fact and opinion and what makes news newsworthy. TSV is equipping the next generation with the journalistic skills they need to be critical media consumers and creators. At the beginning of 2019, TSV in partnership with scaled its pop-up newsroom model to schools in England’s “social mobility coldspots” to give young people the chance to create community-focused news stories with the support of local reporters.

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